Monday, 25 February 2008

Scientology Comes to Cambridge

It seemed fairly innocuous at first sight. A fairly hip band playing jive-style music in Market Square. Appealing, even - I felt a mild urge to join in with the scattering of uninhibited types jiving away in front of the stage. Then my ever-observant companion pointed out the sign above the stage. "Sponsored by the Church of Scientology." There were even people handing out leaflets.

I don't know if I was just being hopelessly naive, but I'd assumed these utter wackos/evil conspirators/alienz in your brainz just didn't exist in Britain. Not a particularly rational assumption, since I know they've popped up elsewhere in Europe, rather than being confined to the crackpot fringe of the States. Call it a hopeful one. And one that has sadly been quashed. By a jive band. Figures.

In other news, I've just wiped this laptop and started from factory settings in a last, desperate attempt to get it to play games without slowing to a crawl every few minutes. It used to, before a few months ago. Nothing else has seemed to help, so I've employed drastic measures and am living in hope.

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