Monday, 28 April 2008

Magic: The Gathering

Yeah, yeah, it's the 'geeky hobbies blog'. I embrace counterculture, alright? Just in a very, very loose sense of 'counterculture'.

Anyway, I've found myself asking the perennial question this weekend - why the hell did I throw out my Magic cards (for those who don't know, it's the most established collectible card game going,
and is most definitely a geeky hobby)? The game's brilliant. There's a lovely blend of luck and skill, all sorts of strategy in deck-building etc, and the collectible aspect is fantastic - the designers have an amazing knack for bringing in interesting new mechanics, and opening a pack to see what new tricks the contents will give you is unfailingly entertaining.

I used to have a fairly good collection going - not up to date or anything (and it is a bloody expensive hobby to keep up to date with) but great fun for casual play. But in a fit of pique a couple of years ago, I threw it out. I think I thought I was going to stop all that nonsense and start drinking all the time and watching football and, well, not playing fantasy card games. And I have, except not all that much drinking. But God knows why I thought those things were mutually exclusive (I vaguely recall intending not to play many computer games as well - ha).

I may rectify the madness and think about getting back into it. You can never have too many geeky hobbies.

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